Feel at home with overseas payments
Make foreign currency payments with confidence. Foreign Drafts from Prestine Citizens Credit Union provide your business with a secure method of settling overseas invoices. Flexible and reliable, it’s the ideal cost-effective solution for non-urgent transactions.

Guaranteed by the drawer’s bank – prevents drafts being returned unpaid †
Available in selected currencies, including Sterling
Can be sent directly to beneficiaries with a note of advice

More Benefits

Secure – guaranteed payment by the drawer’s bank; the draft cannot be returned unpaid unless lost or stolen †

Complementary Solutions

Foreign Currency Current Account

Foreign Exchange

Important Information

No minimum amount

Limited to $100,000 or $150,000 (Australian, Canadian, New Zealand and US)

Alternative option – SWIFT


Standard charges can be found in the interest rates and charges section. Speak to your Relationship Manager for more details

Terms and conditions:-

All application fields are mandatory and must be completed

Forms must bear proper authorisations from your branch or Business & Private Banking Centre

Full terms and conditions are available on request

† Whilst payment is guaranteed by the drawers bank; in certain circumstances it may be returned unpaid to the beneficiary (i.e. if the Foreign Draft is reported lost or stolen, or the Foreign Draft is unable to be processed by the beneficiary’s bank).